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Ultrasonic extraction of algae

Optimization of ultrasonic extraction of Spirulina polysaccharide <1> with the orthogonal experiment on the extraction of factors such as: time, pH and temperature to optimize. Selection of orth

2013-4-28 21:12:58

Normal use and care of the ultrasonic cleaning machine

The normal use of the ultrasonic cleaning machine1, use: the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine should be strictly in accordance with the following requirements Segment arrest operation.(1) cleaning t

2013-4-25 20:8:41

specific use of ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning machine used for the following purposes: Home applications: daily use items such as gold and silver jewelry, jewelry, headwear, brooch, glasses, bracelets, pens, CDs, shaver, comb

2013-4-25 20:4:24
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