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Innovation is based on new thinking, new inventions and new description of the characteristics of a process of conceptualization.

Ultrasonic Ranging

Since the strong point of the ultrasonic energy consumption is slow, in the medium distance transmission, and thus often used in ultrasonic distance measurements, such as range finders and level measu

2013-6-7 12:31:24

Ultrasonic flowmeter Category

Ultrasonic flowmeter, reliable quality, professional services and specifications are complete, the price is more reasonable. More cost-effective. Purchase ultrasonic flowmeter preferred Beijing Yun Ke

2013-6-7 12:23:47

Ultrasonic double eyelid, so that vision become a reality

The most important day of my eyelids is the most difficult job is posted eyelid stickers, because there is acquired into a single fold eyelid, with some of this on my eyelid wide, And are usually no w

2013-6-7 12:23:4

Ultrasonic Puffiness

Since becoming workers since the enthusiasm towards work into the realm of ecstasy. And training institutions to work overtime to catch two day trip is not nothing new. He just felt the spirit and com

2013-6-7 12:21:27

Ultrasonic degreasing methods

We know that to be necessary before painting pretreatment, so that surface is more suitable for coating, but also enhance the adhesion of paints and coatings, the coating better. Here we are speaking

2013-6-7 12:13:42

New Energy Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

Now the new energy development more attention by governments, some countries even become an important strategy for sustainable development, status can be said that no one can shake ah. So wipe the top

2013-6-6 6:39:19

Ultrasonic scaling technology

Now ultrasonic cleaning technology has become increasingly sophisticated, and ultrasonic cleaning machine is a good example, with the beauty of the people more and more, the application of ultrasonic

2013-6-6 6:37:35

Ultrasonic cleaning machine harmful to people?

Continuous development in science today, people will use sound waves to go into people's lives. But there have been some side effects, affecting our body. So many users asked us, ultrasonic cleaning m

2013-6-6 6:34:50

world's smallest ultrasonic sensor

UK research and create the world's smallest ultrasonic sensor. It is so small that a human hair can be queued. This achievement can be widely used to explore the interior of the cell and other micro-e

2013-6-6 6:32:31

Ultrasonic cleaning machines and general cleaning machine difference

People hear the voice of 20-20000Hz frequency acoustic signal, called ultrasonic sound waves above 20000Hz, transmission of sound waves in accordance with sinusoidal vertical transmission, ie, a layer

2013-6-6 6:31:30

ultrasonic cleaner carburetor

With the development of automotive technology, has become a vehicle carburetor on a complex structure, precision machining of the metering device. Operation of the engine carburetor vacuum created und

2013-6-6 6:20:0

ultrasonic cleaner canada

Single series of ultrasonic cleaning machines, mainly for cleaning electroplating parts cleaning before plating, stainless steel metal parts wax, degreasing cleaning, metal products, copper and alumin

2013-6-6 6:13:11

Submersible Ultrasonic Transducer

Input ultrasonic vibration plate vibration plate device consists of two parts and the ultrasonic generator constituted. When the standard model ultrasonic cleaning machine does not apply to the specif

2013-6-5 19:39:42

Immersion ultrasonic cleaner

1. Ultrasonic shock board, by the shock plate and ultrasonic generator two parts composition, when the standard model ultrasonic cleaner does not apply to the specific working conditions, in addition

2013-6-5 19:18:38

Ultrasonic PCB Cleaner

pcb circuit board cleaning machines and special equipment, ultrasonic cleaning machine member of the family. Scope: Mainly used in semiconductors, transistors, resistors, capacitors, PCB board, IC ch

2013-6-5 18:37:59
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