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ultrasonic humidifier

A new generation of ultrasonic humidification equipment using advanced integrated movement; integrated modular design; stable dual water level automatic control, effectively improve the performance of

2013-6-11 12:43:43

Dual tank Ultrasonic cleaner

Dual tank Ultrasonic cleaner cleaning process: Electrolysis ultrasound component systems: Electrolytic ultrasound system is composed of ultrasonic systems, electrolysis circuit system, circulatory fil

2013-6-10 14:30:50

Single Tank Ultrasonic Cleaner

Single Tank Ultrasonic Cleaner, the use of alkaline or acidic water-based solvent as a cleaning agent. This series is suitable for plating pretreatment and cleaning after plating, watch parts, jewelry

2013-6-10 14:20:0

Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is the use of high-frequency oscillation emitted by the ultrasonic signal generated by the so-called null effect, so that the liquid flow arising from tens of thousands of

2013-6-10 14:3:32

ultrasonic sensor working principle

Ultrasonic sensor uses sound waves to media on the object to be detected for non-contact and wear-free detectionUltrasonic sensors  Ultrasonic sensors. Ultrasonic sensors of the transparent or co

2013-6-9 20:1:17

ultrasonic sensor working

People can hear the sound vibrations generated due to the object, its frequency in the range 20HZ-20KH over 20KHZ called ultrasound, known as infrasound below 20HZ. Commonly used ultrasonic frequency

2013-6-9 19:50:19

ultrasonic sensor application

Ultrasonic sensing technology used in different aspects of production practices, and medical applications is itsUltrasonic sensor  Ultrasonic sensorOne of the most important application, as the f

2013-6-9 19:47:17

Ultrasonic sensor

Ultrasonic sensos are developed from the use of ultrasonic sensor characteristics. Ultrasound is a mechanical vibration frequency higher than the acoustic waves from the transducer excitation voltage

2013-6-9 19:39:59

ultrasonic cavitation transducer

Ultrasonic transducer is widely used, it is divided by application sectors of industry, agriculture, transportation, life, medical and military. Press the realization of the function is divided into u

2013-6-9 19:32:31

120khz ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic frequency 120KHz optional. Cleaning tank made ​​of stainless steel SUS304 time stamping, no welding, waterproof performance. Ultrasonic working time 1-99 minutes adjustable, suitable for di

2013-6-8 14:5:18

80khz ultrasonic cleaning machine

Cleaning the workpiece surface is cleared of liquid and solid contaminants, so that the surface cleanliness of fact reach. The cleaning process is a cleaning medium, contaminants, the surface interact

2013-6-8 13:33:38

33khz ultrasonic cleaning machine

⊕ use ordinary tap water, alcohol, solvents and other cleaning.⊕ significant cleaning effect, can be visually observed.⊕ object shining light after cleaning.⊕ mechanical knob o

2013-6-8 13:18:19

40khz ultrasonic cleaning machine

SK is the precision cleaning industry leader, its either in equipment design, development, production and even marketing, are the world's leading. We are committed to provide solutions to the practica

2013-6-7 12:47:42

28khz ultrasonic cleaning machine

The difference between 28khz and 40khz 28KHz per minute refers to the number of the shock head shake 28,000 40KHz per minute refers to the shock head is 40,000 times the number of vibrations Obviously

2013-6-7 12:39:52

ultrasonic flaw detection

Ultrasonic testing is the use of ultrasound can penetrate deep into the metal material, supported by a cross-section into another section, the reflection occurs at the interface edges of the character

2013-6-7 12:35:58
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