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shenzhen ultrasonic cleaner

Shenzhen ultrasonic cleaner is professional development, design, production, sales and service as one of the high-tech enterprises ultrasonic equipment. The company actively introduces Europe, USA, Ja

2013-7-23 11:12:16

Guangzhou ultrasonic cleaner

Guangzhou ultrasonic cleaner, Ltd. is a professional ultrasonic products, sales, service, technical support, processing, technical consulting, maintenance, new proofing technology companies. The compa

2013-7-23 11:5:36

immersible transducer and generator 25khz/28khz/33khz/40khz

immersible transducer and generator 25khz/28khz/33khz/40khz Vibration plate into ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic transducer is bonded to the stainless steel box sealing composition and the ultras

2013-7-4 10:49:34

ultrasonic equipment and generator 25khz/28khz/33khz/40khz/80khz/120khz

ultrasonic equipment and generator 25khz/28khz/33khz/40khz/80khz/120khz Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine the whole process is a mechanical automatic. (Using a single beam Dobby robot). Autom

2013-7-2 9:9:28

ultrasonic tank and generator system

ultrasonic tank and generator systemCleaning is a practice with people living very close working relationship, from ancient times human beings began to engage in such labor. Because traditional cleani

2013-7-1 11:35:48

Mutli Tank Ultrasonic Cleaner 25khz/28khz/40khz/80khz/120khz

Mutli Tank Ultrasonic Cleaner using city water, pure water, alkaline or acidic, water-based solvents as cleaning agents, and more with spray jets, hot dip, bubbling and other cleaning methods combined

2013-7-1 11:30:15

ultrasonic cleaner tank 25khz/28khz/40khz/80khz/100khz

ultrasonic cleaner tank 25khz/28khz/40khz/80khz/100khzThe application of ultrasound in the electronics industryTypeInternal sizeL*W*H (mm)Outsize mmL*W*H (mm)Frequency (Khz)Power(W)SK-1018ST490×

2013-6-28 11:26:43

Generation of ultrasonic humidification equipment

A new generation of ultrasonic humidification equipment using advanced integrated movement; integrated modular design; stable dual water level automatic control, effectively improve the performance of

2013-6-27 10:23:44

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Ultrasonic level transmitter, using the principle of measuring the time difference, the measured height of the material. The product is non-contact measurement instruments, has a strong anti-jamming c

2013-6-27 10:21:27

Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner

Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner SK ultrasonic cleaner is a recognized leader in gun cleaning systems. SK ultrasonic cleaner offers a complete line of single and multi tank ultrasonic gun cleaning and lubr

2013-6-26 11:38:6

Ultrasonic Immersion Transducer

Immersion transducers are intended to equip customer-provided tanks with an ultrasonic device. Of course our immersion transducers are delivered complete with adjusted generators. Our equipment will a

2013-6-26 11:19:37

100khz ultrasonic transducer

100khz ultrasonic transducer TypeLength(mm)Weight(g)Frequency(KHz)Resonance Impedance(Ω)Static Capacity(pF)±10%Input Power(W)SK-UT-10060PZT-438 260 100 10-20 5400

2013-6-25 15:39:14

200khz ultrasonic transducer

200khz ultrasonic transducer-What is Ultrasound: waves can be divided into three types, namely sub-sonic, sonic, ultrasonic. Infrasound frequency is below 20Hz; sonic frequency of 20Hz ~ 20kHz; ultras

2013-6-24 11:33:49

industrial cleaning system

industrial cleaning system is mainly used in the hardware plating, vacuum plating trim, locks, motor parts, bearings, die casting, stamping parts, case strap, eyeglass frames, stainless steel cutlery,

2013-6-11 13:3:29

Industrial Ultrasonic cleaning machine

Industrial Ultrasonic cleaning machine is a practice with people living very close working relationship, from ancient times human beings began to engage in such labor. Because traditional cleaning ope

2013-6-11 12:50:39
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