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industrial ultrasonic cleaning techniques

industrial ultrasonic cleaning techniquesUltrasonic cleaning technologyOne, known as the modern means of cleaning ultrasonic cleaning is the use of ultrasound in liquid medium cavitation , liquid medi

2013-9-21 19:32:13

commercial industrial cleaning

commercial industrial cleaning Ultrasonic cleaning machine from a fixed acoustic source, installed in the tank next to a sensor, the sound waves depends on the size and depth of the tank. Like the se

2013-9-21 19:28:32

what is industrial cleaning

What is the principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine ? Ultrasonic cleaning machine principle simply means that it is with ultrasonic cleaning liquid bubble burst the resulting shockwave to achieve int

2013-9-21 19:26:3

ultrasonic cleaning tank 28khz/40khz

ultrasonic cleaning tank 28khz/40khz SK Ultrasonic Co., Ltd. specializes in producing ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning machines, single slot ultrasonic cleaner, mini ultrasonic cleaner, indus

2013-9-20 9:43:53

sonic cleaning tank 28khz/40khz

sonic cleaning tank 28khz/40khz Ultrasonic cleaning machine uses:Type Internal size L*W*H (mm)

2013-9-20 9:28:11

ultrasonic denture cleaner

ultrasonic denture cleaner Denture tooth surface dirt, nicotine, bacteria, pigmentation and other stains, but also produce smoked smell. Hand wash dentures, time consuming, not only decontamination s

2013-9-20 8:42:18

cleaning systems inc

UCE Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine, drying line, automatic ultrasonic cleaning line , industrial water machine integrates development, design, manu

2013-9-18 11:17:47

hornady sonic cleaner

 hornady sonic cleaner TypeInternal sizeL*W*H (mm)Outsize mmL*W*H (mm)Frequency (Khz)Power(W)SK-1018ST490×360×320610×480×67528khz,33khz,40khz900WS

2013-9-17 10:19:52

hornady ultrasonic cleaner

hornady ultrasonic cleaner 1 in all of Taiwan first transducer Ning 5028 , a total of 54 , a single power of 100W. Using stud welding transducer installation , ensure the transducer will never fall o

2013-9-10 12:34:32

Aircraft Wheel ultrasonic cleaning machine

Aircraft Wheel ultrasonic cleaning machine For Boeing 737,747,757,767,777 and Airbus, McDonnell Douglas and other aircraft wheels, brake components, heat exchangers, bearings, various components of t

2013-9-9 11:17:23

Glasses Ultrasonic Cleaner

Glasses Ultrasonic Cleaner 1, a cleaning tank made ​​of stainless steel, acid, beautiful and durable, reinforced encryption welding; 2, the vibration plate with thick stainless steel welding, good sea

2013-9-5 15:39:48

Video Tube Parts Ultrasonic Cleaner

Video Tube Parts Ultrasonic Cleaner Type Internal size L*W*H (mm) Outsize m

2013-9-4 11:59:46

Metal stamping parts ultrasonic cleaner

Metal stamping parts ultrasonic cleaner Ultrasonic cleaning technology has been more and more machinery, automobiles, electronics, hardware and other industries known surface treatment engineer,

2013-9-3 11:49:4

Phone screen and cell phone case ultrasonic cleaner

Phone screen and cell phone case ultrasonic cleaner,Phone screen and cell phone case ultrasonic cleaner,Phone screen and cell phone case ultrasonic cleaner Scope: The phone screen / mobile phone housi

2013-9-2 1:9:50

Ultrasonic car engine cleaner

Ultrasonic car engine cleaner,Ultrasonic car engine cleaner,Ultrasonic car engine cleaner,Ultrasonic car engine cleaner,Ultrasonic car engine cleanerThe scope of application for the automotive parts m

2013-8-29 16:35:1
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