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28khz/40khz Transductor piezoelectrico

 28khz/40khz Transductor piezoelectrico, 28khz/40khz Transductor piezoelectrico, 28khz/40khz Transductor piezoelectrico, 28khz/40khz Transductor piezoelectricoMáquina de lim

2014-2-16 14:33:58

28khz/40khz limpiadores ultrasonicos

 28khz/40khz limpiadores ultrasonicos Propagación del ultrasonido en un líquido , el líquido en el tanque de la limpieza con la vibración a una frecuencia ultras&oacut

2014-2-16 14:30:5

28khz/40khz transductores ultrasonido

 Transductor de limpieza por ultrasonidos son transductores ultrasónicos (transductores ultrasónicos ) de el transductor ultrasónico es un dispositivo piezoeléctrico ,

2014-2-16 14:25:1

Application of ultrasonic cleaning machine before plating What?

 In the electroplating , the purpose is to pre-treatment to remove surface dirt and impurities exist , making it suitable for active surface plating . The reason many poor quality plating pre-tre

2014-1-9 20:48:47

Ultrasonic cleaning machine transducer how the distribution?

 At present, some ultrasonic cleaning machines, cleaning the bottom or sticking to the walls of the distribution of the transducer too close, a close an arrangement . The power input transducer s

2014-1-9 20:48:14

Ultrasonic cleaning machine in terms of oil

 From the principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning is not difficult to appreciate why it 's cleaning efficiency and consequences are abnormal Zhuo . What a non- chaotic way on the workpi

2014-1-9 20:47:21

Dual-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine

 High quality ultrasound generating sources and imported stainless steel plate into the cleaning tank is one thing additional electronic timing , digital heating , consisting of two frequencies f

2014-1-4 14:34:38

what is ultrasonic cleaning machine?

About " Ultrasonic Cleaning " : high-frequency oscillation signal emitted by the ultrasonic generator, via a high-frequency transducer converts mechanical vibration transmitted to the media

2014-1-4 14:32:2

what is ultrasonic cleaning?

 What is the principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine ? Principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine ultrasonic cleaning simply means that it is with the shock wave generated by the liquid bubble bur

2014-1-4 14:23:29

ultrasonic cleaning equipment manufacturers

ultrasonic cleaning equipment manufacturers Applications:     In all of the cleaning method , the ultrasonic cleaning is the most efficient , the best kind of effect , why ultrasonic cl

2014-1-4 14:20:29

ultrasonic cleaning equipment for sale

Ultrasonic cleaning machine by the ultrasonic transducer , ultrasonic cleaning tank and an ultrasonic generator parts. Ultrasonic cleaning machine tank with strong good elasticity , corrosion-resistan

2014-1-4 14:15:32

used ultrasonic equipment

used ultrasonic equipmentMechanical parts cleaning machine Scope: air conditioning compressors, cold boxes and small mechanical parts compressor cleaning Process: Feeding → ​​→ coarse wash r

2014-1-4 14:11:37

ultrasonic equipment testing

ultrasonic equipment testing,ultrasonic equipment testing,ultrasonic equipment testing,ultrasonic equipment testing,ultrasonic equipment testing.ultrasonic equipment testing Product Features : Si

2014-1-4 14:7:37

ultrasonic c-scan equipment

 Scope:Bearing industry : all kinds of bearings , inner ring, outer ring , cage , dust cover, balls and other precision cleaning .Machinery Industry : Machinery Manufacturing: diesel engine parts

2013-12-26 11:1:47

ultrasonic c-scan system

ultrasonic c-scan system Typical products are: environmental ultrasonic cleaning machine, large touch screen ultrasonic cleaning machines, ultrasonic plastic welding machines, industrial chillers

2013-12-26 11:0:22
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