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SK SONIC long-term focus on the development and production of ultrasonic equipment solutions, the company has the production of high-power high-frequency, automated cleaning equipment experience, is China's most professional the ultrasonic R & D and production enterprises. The company has established a complete set of based SK sonic, ultrasonic cleaning solutions, customers can design the best cleaning solutions, cleaning process, OEM OEM production. Contains a small digital ultrasonic cleaning machine, single slot ultrasonic cleaning machines, multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning machines, automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine, grinding ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic shock board box, automatic ultrasonic cleaning lines are widely used in products cleaning.

Among them, the company's core ultrasonic products SK series, widely used global customers. As a mature SK ultrasonic solutions, the SK! After more than seven years of development, our equipment and technology has been widely used in plastics, electronics, electrical appliances, auto parts, packaging, environmental protection, medical equipment, non-woven, toys, communication equipment and other industries and to create a good performance and reputation.

The Company in the production process, adhere to high standards and strict requirements of scientific optimization of design and management of each step in the production process, developed a set of scientific management system and operating standards, so that production to get rid of the rule of thumb backward stage, truly scientific and rational production, the intrinsic quality of products and stability of a reliable guarantee. Factory in the production of standardized products, but also according to the needs of customers design and production of non-standardized products, such as high-power, pipeline.

About Us

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